Easter Bunny Wreath

So, every year my daughter goes to a few Easter egg hunts and every year I just add the eggs she brings home to all of the others that we have collected. I think I may have some hoarding tendencies.  I always figured that I could use them for something other than just hiding them around the house for Kinsley to find. Since Easter is only a month away I was trying to come up with crafts I could use them for.  That is when I thought about making some type of wreath.  I didn’t want to do the normal plastic egg wreaths I have seen on the internet though; I wanted to do something different. Then the idea of using the eggs to make a bunny wreath came to mind.  I knew that I couldn’t use the whole egg , so I only used one half of them.  Again, Like most of the other crafts I have made, this cost me nothing.  I used things that I already had around the house.  However, if you do have to buy the plastic eggs they are pretty cheap.

**NOTE** Make sure to cut the circles wide enough so that about 2 eggs can fit on it. Mine is a little narrow and the eggs hang over the edge .  When I picked it up  a couple of times I accidentally popped a couple off.  I feel that if you made it wide enough so that they don’t hang over, that you wouldn’t be able to pop them off like that.


  • 2 circles (1 large and 1 smaller) and 2 ear shaped pieces.
  • Plastic Easter Eggs
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • White and pink paint

Step 1: 

Cut your circles and ears.  I cut mine out of pizza boxes.  I traced the circles onto the cardboard by using round objects found in my house.

Step 2:

Glue the circles together with the larger one on the bottom and the smaller one on top. Then glue the ears onto circle for the head.

Step 3: 

Paint it all white and then paint some pink in the middle of the ears.

Step 4: 

Start gluing one half of the eggs to the cardboard .  I just put the glue around the lip of the egg.

Once you are done gluing the eggs down you could also add some other details like a bow if you want.

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